Margvelashvili: NATO Should Enlarge in Response to Russian Policy

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili commented on the 2018 Brussels NATO summit, currently taking place. He wrote that NATO’s response to Russia’s policies towards Georgia and Ukraine should be enlargement.

Margvelashvili addressed world leaders at a NATO-Georgia-Ukraine meeting held at the level of heads of states of the member states of the Alliance.

The President spoke of the progress that has been achieved in the Euro-Atlantic integration process and noted that Georgia is an important contributor to global security, in the pursuit of which NATO was formed 16 years ago. He remarked that Georgia’s impressive progress serves as an example for all countries.

"Today Georgia is a NATO-friendly, responsible partner that fully shares NATO values and responsibilities, actively participates in international missions and therefore is preparing for membership," Margvelashvili said.

The President of Georgia paid particular attention to the role of Georgia in the Black Sea region and, in particular, the importance of the region to Euro-Atlantic security. He explained the possibilities of Georgia's cooperation and why Georgia's security is important for NATO.

Margvelashvili spoke about Russia’s annexation moves and the situation in the occupied regions of Georgia. The President noted that Ukraine is a continuation of Russia’s occupation of Georgia, as it is a result of Russia's aggressive actions that are seen today more seriously. “This is a unified policy that Russia is implementing against young democracies, which should be responded to, and this response should be NATO's new extension and change of this confrontational paradigm,” the post read. “Today Georgia has all practical tools to prepare for membership. Georgia is ready to move to the next stage of cooperation with NATO, open and ready for political dialogue,” it continued.

According to Tengiz Pkhaladze, the Secretary of the President of Georgia, the NATO Secretary General, as well as the leaders of the twenty-four countries unanimously stated that Georgia is a decent, important and responsible partner. Everyone unanimously supported the progress achieved by Georgia and noted that it is an impressive example for other post-Soviet countries.

"We are grateful for the important contribution that Georgia puts in common security. Several countries demanded an immediate session to grant Georgia a Membership Action Plan. Ultimately, all countries agree that Georgia has all the practical tool to prepare for membership, and to work together to open a window of political opportunity, and Georgia is ready for this dialogue," said Pkhaladze.

By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Getty Images

12 July 2018 15:25