MIA Helicopter Crashes

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has released information regarding a Border Police helicopter which crashed in Kakheti.

According to the Ministry, as a result to the accident, those traveling in the helicopter were injured.  Three pilots,  one border guard and one patrol officer were also injured.  At this time the injured are being taken to Telavi Refferal Hospital.

On July 12, the Border Police helicopter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs- GBP 10020, crashed near the the border post Andarazari in the Kakheti region.

The helicopter of the Border Police, in which three pilots, one guard and one patrol policeman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were traveling, was flying to the Lagodekhi Division for a planned rotation.

Head of the Border Police Temur Kekelidze will visit Telavi to meet with the injured.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already begun an investigation.

By Mariam Kukhilava

12 July 2018 13:46