Lentekhi Blaze

In the village of Zeskho in Lentekhi, the forest was engulfed in fire. According to  preliminary information, fire fighters have contained the blaze.

It was reported that due to the difficult terrain, the mobilized force on the ground is moving slowly, however, firefighter-rescuers managed to extinguish most of the open flames. The Emergency Management Service has mobilized additional equipment and men in addition to local firefighters, in order to contain the fire. 120 firefighters in total are involved in the containment of the blaze.

In the process of snuffing out the fire, a helicopter is on standby incase the fire rages out of control.

According to local information, 2.5 hectare of forest is burned.


By Shawn Wayne

Image source: IPN.ge

11 July 2018 11:22