Tbilisi City Hall Sends 14 Tons of Supplies to Chuberi

Yesterday, Tbilisi City Hall sent 14 tons of relief aid to the village of Chuberi in Upper Svaneti, which suffered from extreme flooding from the Nenskra River on July 5, 2018, when the swollen river causes a part of a mountain to collapse, damaging roads, bridges, and residential buildings.

Tbilisi City Hall initiated and organized a delivery of assistance to families affected by the natural disaster, including food products and basic goods.

The products purchased by the staff of Tbilisi’s ten districts were collected at the Didube District administration and sent to Mestia Municipality. Several private companies have also provided assistance to victims of the disaster.

The supplies were sent to Chuberi, accompanied by the Tbilisi district administrative heads and Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi, Ilia Eloshvili.

"On the initiative of Tbilisi City Hall, employees collected food and household items to send to Chuberi. I am glad that City Hall has joined businesses and citizens and in the end, an impressive number of products, household items and medicines have been collected. The cargo will be sent to Chuberi to help the victims, "said Ilia Eloshvili.

According to the head of the Didube District, Irma Zavradashvili, the project of City Hall employees was initiated by locals and representatives of private companies in the regions by their own initiative.

"This is a good will for the board members, who have joined private businesses in the population and districts. As for the products, the flour, sugar, cereals and cereals are collected. I would like to thank every citizen, every businessman who contributed to this assistance. During the 13th of June in the disaster, Vake and Saburtalo helped you with the same enthusiasm. All ten governments help the citizens affected by natural disaster in Chuberi, "said Irma Zavradashvili.

All relevant agencies and services are involved in the disaster relief works in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region. Specialists from the Fire-Rescue and Roads Department are on the scene. Additional rescue teams and equipment have also been mobilized.


By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Tbilisi City Hall

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