Airport Poisoning Court Session

A Russian citizen was detained 2 July after a spill of an unknown liquid at Tbilisi airport, which poisoned eight people, who were hospitalized and then cleared. The Russian citizen was taken into custody for two months; however, he denies any wrongdoing.

The court session took place on 5 July. Under charges of intentionally causing bodily harm, the prosecution asked the court to place him into custody. During the session, the Prosecutor Maia Silagadze stated that the motive of the Russian was revenge against an employee at the airport. The court made the decision to take the accused into custody, but the Russian claims that there was no threat to the health of the employees, that there was no fluid, and that he could not pour it in Tbilisi airport.

The suspect admitted that he was at the airport and said that he came there to buy a ticket back to St. Petersburg. According to the defendant, he is a native of Georgia, born and raised in Tbilisi, and in recent years lived in St. Petersburg. In Tbilisi, he came to “visit the graves of his ancestors”.

“For three days I travel to get to Georgia by train and car. After the arrest, the police officers checked the room in which I stayed in Tbilisi, all my personal belongings. No life-threatening substances were discovered” said the defendant.

By Shawn Wayne


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