Geo Media: Deceased US Couple May Have Been Murdered and report that deceased American husband and wife in Khada Gorge, Dusheti, Georgia, believed to be Smith family-Ryan Smith, Founder and Director of ReWoven, and his wife, Lora, might be murdered and rather than killed in a flash flood or landslide while on a family camping trip, as it was alleged before.

Kvirispalitra reported that expert-criminalists are working in the gorge, saying the family disappeared on July 6 with their 4-year old son Caleb, who is still missing.

“According to the initial information, the tourists had no signs of violence, but was informed that it was not an accident but a murder. Law enforcement has already arrested the suspect. We received this information from several sources,” Kvirispalitra says.

Meanwhile, says the locals alleged the motive of the murder was harassment towards the woman, which was likely objected by her husband.

“The police are questioning a 19-year old shepherd who accompanied the couple to the waterfall,” the article reads.

As reported, the husband and wife had dual citizenship. They had lived in Georgia’s Marneuli for 7 years.

By Thea Morrison

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09 July 2018 00:05