Chuberi Flood Update

“The main threat has been resolved, but there are still other risks," said Nino Vibian, a trustee of the Chuberi community territorial body.

According to Vibian, residents of the hazardous zone have been evacuated and are not in danger.

"Most of the danger has been avoided, but there are other risks due to the fact that the water has washed away most of the river banks. The population is not in danger, though a number of bridges collapsed," said Vibian.

Engineers of the Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia installed temporary bridges in place of the destroyed bridges to enable the population to move from one side to the other. Specialists are said to have worked in the disaster zone through the night.

"Through the night work did not stop in the village of Chuberi. The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, together with other state agencies, has been involved in the work from the very first minute,” the Ministry noted.

At this time, the road cleaning works are completed and the reinforcement of the riverbed is also mostly completed. Representatives of the regional offices and contractors of the Road Department are in the disaster zone, as are specialists of the state building company, which are coordinating 24-7 to clean the area.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Ilia Begiashvili, together with the local authorities, is on the spot in the disaster zone.

"The works and resource distribution procedures were planned yesterday night. From the morning we began to remove inert material, which will fill the places the river has flooded," he said.

According to Sozar Subari, Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia, the damage inflicted by the disaster in the village of Chuberi is immense, and "will increase by the hour as houses collapse."

By Shawn Wayne

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06 July 2018 11:54