"Get to Know Georgia" Celebrates Third Anniversary

Project “Get to Know Georgia”, initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA), celebrates its third-year anniversary at hotel ‘Ambassadori’. 

Throughout the three years, 35 press tours were held where journalists had the opportunity to visit 300 locations and prepare more than 200 news reports. Photos, news reports and relevant information were published on social media platforms. The population discovered different areas of Georgia through the perspective of journalists. 

Giorgi Chogovadze, Head of GNTA, thanked journalists and producers for their work at the celebratory event. “Thank you, my friends, for taking part in promoting our country. Do not hold your energy back, travel with us to unfamiliar destinations of our beautiful land and prepare noteworthy news reports”, he said. 

By Anna Zhvania

05 July 2018 14:53