Amo Electronic Music Fest Held in Kazbegi

For the first time this year, the stunning region of Kazbegi  hosted a two-day electronic music festival on 30 June. Amo Electronic, an entirely new experience to the region, took place in the unique location of Gveleti at Camp Neverland.

An electronic event of this scale has never before taken place in Kazbegi and is meant to create an unforgettable experience for locals and travelers. Locals got to experience performances from Georgian DJs while those new to the country received a much wider experience than a typical visit.

The first edition of Amo Electronic united music lovers with the gorgeous, mountainous area for two days of positive energy. The organizers of the event aimed to implement the dynamics of nature, sun and music and further develop the region within this respect. With high quality artists, modern sound system and lighting, the festival created full comfort for more than 3,000 guests, who also had the chance to stay overnight in Camp Neverland cottages.

By Anna Zhvania

04 July 2018 14:26