Far-Right Georgian March Leader Posts about BBC Documentary

The leader of the far-right, ultra-nationalist movement Georgian March, Sandro Bregadze, in a facebook post talked about a BBC interview in which he took part, highlighting its importance and dismissing other channels which may want to interview him.

“My interview with the BBC News is done. [The documentary] will be aired in a month as part of the main analytical TV program. Rustavi 2 TV and Imedi TV, I will send you a recording of the interview…Give my regards to the other Georgian broadcasters,” Bregadze’s sarcastic post reads.

Rayhan Demytrie, BBC correspondent, confirmed to GEORGIA TODAY that the BBC is preparing a mini documentary for the BBC website about the May protests in Georgia focused on, and subsequent to, the police raids on Bassiani nightclub. "The BBC is interested in the cultural clash in Georgia following the police raids. We interviewed Bregadze as part of this documentary, also speaking to the others sides present at the protest- the Bassiani owners, liberals, government officials, the Church, LGBT community representatives, and NGOs, including the White Noise Movement."

Bregadze and the Georgian March movement have said they will never put up with the “liberals, LGBT and sodom sinners” in the country.

“The dictatorship of liberalists should be finished in Georgia and our country's development should begin in line with national values,” Bregadze stated in May.

Georgian March also took part in the counter-rally organized in parallel to the LGBT community and their supporters’ demonstration on the International Day against the Homophobia.


By Thea Morrison

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04 July 2018 11:21