Numerous Yellow Minibuses Banned in Tbilisi

A number of yellow minibuses, which are one of the main means of public transport in the capital of Georgia, have been banned.

The information was released by Shalva Uriadmkopeli, the Head of Security Service of the Land Transport Agency, in an interview with Radio Palitra.

He explained that from January 3, 2018, 38,199 passenger and freight vehicles underwent the mandatory technical inspection, of which 858 vehicles were failed and banned from the road, yellow minibuses among them.

“A certain number of yellow minibuses are on the list of vehicles that have been prohibited from moving on roads and cannot be even repaired,” Uriadmkopeli said.

Obligatory technical inspection of cars took effect on January 1, 2018. The first stage of the mandatory technical inspection required trucks of over 3.5 tons and passenger cars with more than 8 seats to undergo safety checks.

As a result of the inspection, of a total 38,199 passenger and freight vehicles 28,574 were said to be in good condition while 8,767 vehicles were faulty, out of which 6,202 repeatedly underwent the inspection but 257 were repeatedly failed.

The next stage, launched on July 1, requires all vehicles registered to state entities to undergo a mandatory check, which will be followed by inspections of all automobiles with 3.0 engines and above from October 1.

From January 1, 2019, the government will start the final phase of the campaign and require all other vehicles to undergo mandatory testing.

By Thea Morrison

03 July 2018 14:00