The Welcome to Georgia Musical


As someone who is not from Georgia, fully understanding the country is difficult. Tbilisi alone is full of different communities, as evidenced by the diversity of khachapuri!

There is so much to enjoy about Georgia, from the cuisine and wine to the strange bellows and joyful singing resonating throughout the streets out of the blue. Exploring the townlets of the mountains is an adventure with otherworldly views of nature unscathed by Man.

Visiting the country, however small, it is hard to see and feel everything. 'Welcome to Georgia - The Musical' offers a glimpse at Georgia’s past and present traditions that keep the country’s values and identity alive.

The performance curates song and dance over a feast, or supra. The script engages the audience at times, so onlookers can participate. Attending the Welcome to Georgia Musical will give you an insider’s impression of the country, inspired by Georgia’s love of guests and their own vibrant culture.

By Emily Sullivan
Photo from Welcome to Georgia Facebook Page
26 June 2018 12:37