Euronews: Old Tbilisi Is Bridge between Ancient & Modern

Euronews has prepared an article about Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, which reads that its old part is a bridge between ancient and modern times.

“Walking through the city center is an experience made of contrasts and beautiful discoveries in a town which has been at the crossroads of Europe and Asia for centuries,” Claudio Rosmino, the author of the article says.

He added that cohabitation between history and modernity is best illustrated by the Peace Bridge that connects the newer parts of the capital to the ancient ones.

The article briefly recalls the legend of Tbilisi, saying it was King Vakhtang Gorgasali who founded the future capital of united Georgia during a hunt.

“Abanotubani is the place where the royal falcon fell, leading to the discovery of hot springs that nowadays are public bathhouses that use the sulphurous waters,” the author says.

Euronews underlines that much of the Old town was restored in 2009. The “New Life for Old Tbilisi” project has rehabilitated the historical district with its pastel-colored houses and monuments.

By Thea Morrison

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26 June 2018 10:45
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