British Blogger: Georgia Is Country of Winemakers

Famous British blogger Steve Slatcher, who travels and tastes wines around the world, has visited Georgia, underlining that it is not just a country of wine drinkers but a country of wine makers.

“From listening to other wine lovers, and from personal experience, there really is something special about the country of Georgia and its wine,” the blogger says.

Slatcher believes that Georgia’s authenticity is very important.

“Somehow the place is very real and true when compared with the artifice, spin and posturing in the world I am more used to,” he added.

In his blog, the traveler writes that Georgians are distinguished with their hospitality, love of food and wine, and other ways of having a good time like song and dance.

“Their love of wine is so closely integrated into their culture… Georgia is not just a country of wine drinkers; it is a country of wine makers,” he said.

He also noted that home-made product accounts for around two-thirds of all wine consumption in Georgia.

“To me, it is the cultural roots that make Georgian wines interesting and authentic – they are more than mere fashion that could disappear as quickly as it arrives on the scene,” the blog reads, explaining the unique Georgian winemaking tradition in a special vessel named Qvevri.

“Georgia makes me feel at home in a strange sort of way. Even if the people and countryside can be very different from their British counterparts, I feel a shared humanity, and even the soft greens of the landscape feel familiar. Somehow I belong,” Slatcher says.

By Thea Morrison

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25 June 2018 07:36