Tbilisi Open Air 2018

Tbilisi Open Air is an annual international music festival, with the emphasis on electronic and rock music, first held in Tbilisi, Georgia, on May, 15–17 2009. After that, the festival is organized each year and is widely considered as the biggest music festival in Caucasus region.

The festival mainly maintains several-day outdoor event format. As the organizers of Tbilisi Open Air clarify, the defining idea behind the festival is freedom. This is freedom from stress, clichés, social controls, freedom to create and express, freedom to experience what is valued by every single one of us as individuals. 

Now in 2018 it’s here again with the first night already over, where artists such as KAYAKATA, Beardyman, Roman Flűgel and many more performed their hearts out, and the crowds danced and screamed with a sense of freedom and enjoyment that is very hard to match.

This whole weekend is dedicated to freedom; the atmosphere is different from the rest of the world and cannot be explained but rather experienced. There are 2 nights left of this exclusive taste of freedom from the norm, don’t miss it.

Tickets are available on TKT.ge

By Shawn Wayne

23 June 2018 13:05