Majority MP: Optimization Does Not Envisage Staff Reduction

Gia Volsky, Member of the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party and a lawmaker made an explanation about the upcoming governmental changes and optimization of the ministries, announced by the new Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze.

According to the MP, the process does not envisage reduction of the number of employees in the ministries.

“Optimization will not be related to staff reduction, which probably should be taken into account by the people who are working in state institutions. They should stay as motivated as they were before,” Volsky said.

Georgian parliament supported the new cabinet presented by PM Mamuka Bakhtadze on June 20.

There are 14 ministers in the cabinet, however, as Bakhtadze stated, within one month he will carry out optimization and reduce the number of ministries from 14 to 11.

The PM said it would help the government to work more effectively and cut administrative expenses.

By Thea Morrison

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22 June 2018 12:28