New Georgian PM Officially Starts Work

Georgia’s New Prime Minister, Mamuka Bakhtadze, who was approved with the new Cabinet by the parliament on June 20, has officially started his work at the governmental administration.

Bakhtadze, 36, is the fourth PM since the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party came to power in 2012. He is the youngest president Georgia has ever had.

The new PM was born on June 9, 1982. He served as Director General of the Georgian Railway from April of 2013 to November 13 of 2017. Bakhtadze assumed the post of the Finance Minister in November 2017.

In the working office, the Head of Government signed decrees appointing ministers.

Within a month the PM plans to reshuffle the government and reduce number of Ministries from 14 to 11.

Bakhtadze is confident his action plan will benefit the country and serve to the development of Georgia.

By Thea Morrison

22 June 2018 09:09