19th Century Nobility Portraits on Display in Sighnaghi

Eastern Georgia’s picturesque town of Sighnaghi is set to host an exhibition of 19th century portraits of the country’s noble families, showcasing their legacy and artistic trends of the era.

Hosted by the Georgian National Museum at the network’s Sighnaghi Museum venue, the show will be centered around over 40 paintings of historical figures of the royal court and nobility, including King Erekle II, Queen Darejan and Tekla Batonishvili, which will form the central point of the exhibits.

Organizers revealed some of the exhibits would be displayed publicly for the first time, a part of them following conservation and restoration work carried out by experts. At its emergence, portrait art for royal court personalities in Georgia had commonalities with the European genre of the same type. However, they also feature the distinct manner of their painters and influences generated by Georgia’s ties with Imperial Russia and the Western world. This later evolved into a style referred to as the "Tiflis Portrait School," titled after the old name for the capital city. In works created under this School, smaller-size portraits featured feudal era nobility and the new bourgeoisie, with the style of works persisting until the 1860s and 1870s.

Beside the paintings, the exhibition, to last until September 21, it will also include works in sculpture and miniature genres.

By Shawn Wayne

21 June 2018 13:47
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