Trade Union: Worker, 21, Dies During Work

21 year old Shota Beriashvili died while performing his duties for Energo Pro-Georgia Company, which is electricity provider in Georgian regions.

The statement was made by Georgia’s Trade Union, which reports that allegedly the cause of the accident was that electricity was not turned off during the ongoing works on the high voltage transformer.

Trade Union says that Shota Beriashvili is the sixth employee of Energo Pro-Georgia who died in one year.

Georgian Trade Union says only this year 22 people have died and 18 have been injured at the workplace.

“Trade Union has been requesting effective labor inspection for years already, but no results yet," says the trade union statement.

Energo Pro-Georgia responded to the statement of the trade union, saying that every such case is a tragedy for the company.

“In each case, the employees had been trained and had high qualification,” the company added.

By Thea Morrison


20 June 2018 08:01