Care for the City Campaign

The Public Information Communication Agency of Tbilisi City Hall has announced a six-month contest for the social campaign “Care for the City.”

On June 18, the press conference for the campaign was held in Stamba Hotel Tbilisi by the Mayor of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze. The members of the commission also attended the event.

The goal of the campaign is to develop a sense of social responsibility and care for the city among the community; to create a valuable product that will initiate irreversible processes lasting in our memories and habits, encouraging the population to act in favor of the city.

Long-running awareness-raising and campaigning through various activities will illustrate how crucial it is to take care of the city. This campaign will unite not only society, but also the state, non-governmental and private sectors.

To maintain the implemented projects and the efficiency of the relevant activities and services by Tbilisi City Hall, it is vital raise a sense of responsibility among the population. Vandalism and theft is frequently recorded within Georgian society. Millions of GEL are spent on amenities and infrastructure projects throughout the year. These projects need not only material, but also human resources. Due to negligence and vandalism, it becomes necessary to carry out additional repairs. Moreover, there are cases when the population pollutes the city, which needs additional mobilization and resources. The above-mentioned circumstances impede the process of the city’s development, affecting its appearance and the everyday lives of citizens.

The concept winner will be selected, jointly by the specifically created Competition Commission and Tbilisi City Hall, for being interesting and result-oriented. Only legal entities can participate in the contest and must have at least three years’ experience in the relevant field. The participants should submit their related work and a proposal of the concept by July 9th, 2018. The involvement of the young generation in taking care of the city and encouraging a sense of responsibility from early age is particularly important. In addition, it is essential to actively involve leaders who have high social responsibility. The campaign will include various types of useful and result-oriented action activities, in which citizens of Tbilisi will actively participate.

The new campaign follows the example of Singapore which set a campaign of similar content in the 1970s, resulting in its gaining and maintaining the status of the cleanest and best regulated city in the world.

The members of the Commission include:

1. David Birman - Head of Electronic Bank Management Service of Bank of Georgia

2. Nana Janashia - Executive Director of the Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN)

3. Nino Lomadze - Founder and Editor of Magazine "Indigo"

4. Giorgi Popiashvili - Creative Director, Director

5. Giorgi Kalandia - Director of the State Museum of Theater, Music, Cinema and Choreography; Historian, Professor

6. Giga Khatiashvili - Professor of International School of Design, Founder and Director of Creative Lab 919

7. Ako Akhalaia - President of the Association of Georgian Communications Agencies ACAG; Founder of

8. Goga Chanadiri - Photographer

9. George Sharashidze - General Manager of Media Holding Georgia Today Group

10. Soso Galumashvili - Senior Consultant of PRP and Marketing Communications Company GEPRA

11. Giorgi Kekelidze - General Director of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Writer

12. Tamar Amashukeli - Art Critic; Cultural Heritage Expert

13. Tinatin Rukhadze - General Manager of "ACT Global"; Psychologist, Sociologist

14. Ekaterine Jojua - Director of Communication Development Agency of Tbilisi City Hall.

"Its a really positive initiative which will have an impact on our city and more importantly will create a good example to other citizens, encouraging them to take responsibility for their neighborhoods," said commission member and Georgia Today GM, George Sharashidze. "Its time to get outdoors and look after our public spaces which belongs to all society. I expect some very interesting projects, the best of which will be selected for the maximum benefit of our city and the environment."

Projects can be submitted until July 9, 2018. The results of the competition will be announced no later than 30 July 2018.

18 June 2018 20:50