Georgian Airways Joins Italian June Campaign

Georgian Airways has joined the new campaign “Italian June”. Georgian Airways carries out direct flights from Tbilisi to Bologna and is actively involved in developing tourism and business in the two countries.

Georgian Airways recently participated in a joint presentation of the Italian Embassy and Italian Trade Promotion Agency, which was held at “Iota Hotel Tbilisi” for tour operators and media representatives. The airline is launching a new campaign within the scope of “Italian June”. On direct flights from Tbilisi to Bologna, Georgian Airways offers travelers the chance to carry additional luggage of 32 KG free of charge, beyond the 23 kg luggage included in the purchased ticket. Within the framework of the campaign, from June 15 to June 30, the cost of a single ticket will be GEL 424 for flights between July 1 and July 30, 2018. With direct flights from Tbilisi to Bologna, Georgian Airways supports the tourism development of the two countries. Moreover, this initiative will play a vital role in expanding small and medium size businesses.

“The airline started offering prices and terms for the Tbilisi-Bologna direct flight that will lead to an increase of tourism interest and development of trade relations,” said Tamuna Tandashvili, Deputy Head of Commercial Services in the Business Development Department at Georgian Airways. “We want consumers to enjoy the comfort of a direct flight, the tour operators to create new packages, and for passengers to visit several Italian cities easily. Bologna is just the right location to make it feasible, also being a city famous for its ‘Outlet’ and discounted prices on textiles. In terms of business, many small retail stores in Georgia import products from Bologna. It is essential for us to support small businesses, to take into account their interest in managing a successful business. With this approach, we will retain more loyal customers. Georgian businesses should help each other, in order for small country representatives to reach international markets effectively.”

Georgian Airways is the first Georgian airline to have been operating on the Georgian market for 25 years. In 2018, it opened direct flights from Tbilisi to Paris, London, Brussels, Bologna, Bratislava, Kazan, Kiev, Yerevan, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Berlin, Cologne, Tel-Aviv, Vienna, Amsterdam, Prague and Barcelona.

By Anna Zhvania

14 June 2018 20:48