MEP Clare Moody on the EP Resolution


The high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, and more than thirty European Parliament members from eight different political groups took part in discussions on Russian aggression in Georgia on 12 June, going on to release a Resolution in that regard.

Most of the speakers condemned the Russian occupation and expressed their support for Georgia’s territorial integrity, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. MEPs also called on Russia to fulfil the 2008 ceasefire agreement, remove its troops from Georgian territories and stop the violation of people's’ rights on ethnic grounds there.

GEORGIA TODAY spoke to MEP Clare Moody to get her take on the Resolution.

"It’s a long text for a resolution and it has some very clear messages about the view of the EU on what has happened in Georgia’s two regions and about the EU’s position. It refers not just to Russia’s action but to other institutions which do not recognize the territorial integrity of Georgia."

The Resolution comes in support of the actions that Georgia has taken in terms of the peace initiative and is, as MEP Moody put it, "a form of reaching out that hand of friendship to the Georgian citizens." 

"Coming on the 10th anniversary of the Russo-Georgian War, the sad truth is there's no quick solution to the problems seen, as proven so far. But the action taken by the Georgian Government towards peace is an example to conflicts that are happening elsewhere in the former Soviet space. It is a positive step that needs time. The EU is clear that the programs we offer, visa liberalization and support  are offered to all Georgian citizens."

"As to reflecting the US sanctions adopted against countries/institutions, like Syria, which recognize Georgia's regions as independent, the sanctions list agreed in Georgia is in the text of the Resolution and I can see why we should adopt the same scenario and would hope to see it."

14 June 2018 15:27