Self-taught Guitarist Accepted to a Prestigious American Jazz Academy

Nikoloz Bichiashvili, a 24-year-old self-taught guitarist from Tbilisi, has been studying in New York for the past year, in one of the most prestigious American Jazz Academy’s “New School”. Only three other Georgians study the same course as him. Nikoloz does not have a music educational background as he was entirely self-taught. He applied to the University after submitting a video and successfully made it to the final round of examination. After his acceptance, Nikoloz obtained a partial financial aid of USD 6,000. However, the entire program costs USD 26,000 per semester, excluding living expenses.

Nikoloz’s family helped to finance one year of tuition and living costs through a bank loan. However, although Nikoloz would like to continue into the second semester from September, his parents are unable to provide further means of financing. Therefore, he is now back in Georgia on a quest to obtain funding for his studies.

Currently, the Government of Georgia does not offer any type of funding for young musicians to complete a Bachelor’s Degree. This makes it harder for hardworking, motivated musicians who aspire to be successful in their related fields to get access to international education. In Nikoloz’s opinion, the Government should create special funding programs for musicians who wish to achieve their dreams and pursue a career in music.

By Anna Zhvania

14 June 2018 10:43