GD MP: When People Are Unsatisfied Gov’t Should Resign

Ruling Georgian Dream lawmaker Davit Tchitchinadze believes that when there is dissatisfaction in the society, the government should resign.

“I believe that the changes are necessary. Especially after the UNICEF survey results… When such dissatisfaction exists among citizens, the government should resign. The only way to end any crisis and tension is the resignation of the government,” he stated, while assessing yesterday’s meeting of GD MPs.

Tchitchinadze says the situation is “terrible” in terms of the banks, saying one group of society gets richer at the expense of the others.

“There is an excessive amount of debt within the country, which is recognized by the Finance Ministry and international organizations. In fact, the economic growth in the country was linked to the growth in debt. I think that the government should take responsibility this time and resign,” the MP added.

On June 12, UNICEF Georgia released the 2017 results of its annual Welfare Monitoring Survey, which says that poverty in the country has increased and a lack of strong and inclusive economic growth, unemployment and increased consumer prices are likely its main reasons.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: 1 TV

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13 June 2018 14:00