Breakthrough in the Georgian Education System

A growing number of start-ups across the globe are starting to use artificial intelligence to improve the education system. The intricate system, however, is a relatively new concept to the Georgian market. But this did not stop 16-year-old student George Chakhnashvili, who is the mastermind behind “Digital Mind”. 

After an initial discussion with Mr. Batiashvili, rector of BTU (Business and Technology University), regarding recent advances in artificial intelligence, Chakhnashviliwas enthusiastic to actualize and develop the concept of Digital Mind.  “I’ve wanted to create something like Digital Mind since I first started my career in programming,” said George, a high school student at European School in Tbilisi who is interested in programming, computer science, cryptography and mathematics.

Digital Mind is an intelligent virtual assistant that uses machine learning and natural language processing methods to accurately analyze information by applying a bulk database as a foundation of knowledge. It is capable of acquiring information from books and currently stores over 4,000 books of analyzed information in its database. It can also acquire extensive information from external sources such as Wikipedia and YouTube. “In order to search information in the database, Digital Mind utilizes a very fast custom searching algorithm which can acquire information by similarity percentage,” Chakhnashvili noted.

Currently, Digital Mind is in its initial phase and therefore can only generate information in the marketing and tourism fields.  “Digital Mind has a custom interface from which a user can speak to it and listen to it, a supportive feature for people with certain disabilities,” he added.  

Digital Mind is ideal for the education system as it can produce large data in a short time frame. This allows students to attain hand-picked, filtered and accurate information, thus increasing learning retention and efficiency rate. The AI program has raised interest among many tourism and market-oriented companies. Specifically interested in the marketing aspect of Digital Mind is one of the leading American advertising network McCann. 

George Chakhnashvili plans to continuously advance Digital Mind and the final version will be set to launch in the Georgian education system from September. He sees himself pursuing an education at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and is excited to share more ideas and projects of his own in the future. 

By Anna Zhvania

13 June 2018 13:23