Exhibits Show Caucasus Biodiversity

Some of the most unique and endangered species of the Caucasian flora, fauna and geology will be in touching distance for museum-goers in Tbilisi in a new display which started on June 12.

The exhibiiton will present exhibits such as animal fossils, herbariums and minerals. A central role in the Caucasus Biodiversity exhibition will be given to dioramas, detailed mock-ups created decades ago and reconstructed by Georgian National Museum experts.

These will include scenes involving a Turanian tiger and a wild boar in an Mtkvari river floodplains forest, as well as a diorama illustrating some of the fauna of wetlands and lakes found across Georgia.

A GNM release said "rare, endangered and already extinct species” would be part of the collections going on display, which will be hosted at the Museum of Georgia. Among these will be award-winning pieces distinguished with medals at the Paris International Exhibition between 1867-1869.

Many of the exhibits will represent pioneering efforts in Georgian museology in the 19th century, and were part of the first zoological display in the Caucasus starting in 1928. The GNM preview said the selected exhibits served to "perfectly reflect the evolutionary development of flora and fauna of Georgia and the Caucasus region in general.”

Hosted as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Caucasus Biodiversity is also organized to mark 100 years since the proclamation of independence of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia.


By Shawn Wayne

13 June 2018 12:45