Shaping the Future of Georgia's Digital Economy

The Digital Economy is a driving force behind a country’s development. Policymakers across the globe are trying to build and implement deeper technology ecosystems, as new tech hubs emerge with innovative policy approaches. Georgia has been one of the countries to broaden its growth and integrate digital technologies into the economy.  

The Digital Economy Association in Georgia (DEAG) has been founded with clearly defined objectives and tasks to adapt Blockchain Technology and implement modern economic tendencies. Consequently, it will drive the country a step forward towards development. Blockchain technology is indisputably the start of a digital revolution cycle. Utilizing such technology can benefit a country’s economic activities.

The DEAG will put forward legislative initiatives to regulate Blockchain Technology in order to promote a digital business culture, stimulate and support the business environment, prepare investment platforms, develop the capital market, create grounds for cooperation between state and/or private entities and develop digital electronic payment systems. Blockchain Technology will foster and enhance data protection and cybersecurity. Currently, up to 50 members have joined DEAG’s forces who believe that such innovations in the country will create new business opportunities in the future.  

Ultimately, when fostered with intent, existing institutions will respond effectively to the fast pace of digital change. The Association’s initiative will certainly shape the future of Georgia’s society and create a platform for cooperation to build a sustainable and trustworthy digital economy. 

By Anna Zhvania

13 June 2018 11:17