GD Majority Does Not Confirm Possible Gov’t Reshuffle

Lawmakers from the parliamentary majority Georgian Dream (GD) have not confirmed the spread information of some GD MPs regarding possible changes to the governmental team.

After the meeting in the GD head office, which lasted several hours, GD parliamentary majority leader Archil talakvadze stated that talks about the government reshuffle or resignation of the Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili have not taken place.

Talakvadze underlined that the main topics of the discussion were the data published by UNICEF, which says that poverty is still a big problem in Georgia.

“Despite the progress made under our government in various fields, the UNICEF survey highlighted that there are a number of problems in the country. We are waiting for the action plan from the government. Today, we did not discuss any changes in the cabinet,” Talakvadze said after the meeting on Tuesday.

Earlier today, a number of GD MPs made statements that some changes are planned within the governmental team, adding the news would be announced later.

GD member Zakaria Kutsnashvili stated before the meeting that changes are necessary in many directions.

“Changes need to be made and we, the majorit,y will work on this. Official statements will be made later,” he added.

Nukri Kantaria, GD MP, also underlined that the time for changes had come. However, he did not specify what kind of changes might be carried out.

By Thea Morrison


12 June 2018 18:40