How the Right Investment Serves as a Primer for Georgian Agricultural Development

Despite urbanization diminishing the number of workers in agriculture due to the migration of the regional population into Georgia’s cities, the growth of agricultural performance and increased productivity emphasizes the significance of the sector. Agriculture plays a vital role in Georgia’s economy and is a key element of a rapid development strategy. The respective sector has fostered local production, leading to investment opportunities, and as the country strives to create a stable business environment and increase employment opportunities, it is capturing the interest of new investors.

To aid the process, Georgian-Swiss company “Blauenstein Georgia” positively evaluated the promising business environment of the country. Max Blauenstein, the founder of Blauenstein, recently announced during a meeting with Georgia’s Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili, that due to the favorable economic situation, he plans to further invest in the country.

Max Blauenstein indicated that the Georgian government’s initiative to stimulate local production and further aid the development of the agriculture sector serves as a primary method to attract and increase investment opportunities in Georgia. Currently, the total investment of “Blauenstein Georgia” amounts to GEL 27 million. According to the Prime Minister, such projects are of high importance, especially in the mountainous regions of Georgia. He noted that the business model set to be implemented in Racha could successfully apply to other regions, increasing employment opportunities and aiding the overall economic situation.

By Anna Zhvania

11 June 2018 20:25