Orphaned Georgian Boy Faces Deportation from Scotland

Georgian orphan Giorgi Kakava, 10, whose father was killed by gangsters when he was three, before he and his mother escaped to Scotland, faces deportation from Glasgow to Georgia after his mother died in December 2017.

The boy is fluent in English and considers Scotland as his only homeland since he has spent 7 years there and goes to the secondary school like any normal child.

Giorgi's grandmother Katie Baikhadze, who he lives with in Springburn, is fighting for him to be given asylum.

She and her grandson are both waiting for a decision on their applications for asylum.

The family's case has been highlighted by the Church of Scotland minister, Rev Brian Casey, and backed by local politicians.

Brian Casey even started a petition, in support of Giorgi, which has already been signed by over 67,371 people, asking authorities to let Giorgi stay.

“Giorgi is, to all intents and purposes, Scottish and is doing well at his primary school. If he was returned to Georgia against his will, he would be under threat. Please help us to keep Giorgi in Glasgow. This is the only home he has ever known and he is proud to be from Springburn and Glasgow. His schooling would be disrupted and his life would be at risk in Georgia. Or worse!” the petition reads.

Patrick Harvie, co-convener of the Scottish Green party, also raised the issue at the Scottish Parliament on Friday. 

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: mirror.co.uk

11 June 2018 10:21