New Musical Project "Sounds of Georgia" Offers Tourists Mini Concerts

Sounds of Georgia is a new musical project designed specifically for tourists, launched in April 2018 in Tbilisi.

The project offers regular mini-concerts of traditional Georgian live music in a cozy atmosphere to help visitors learn more about the Georgian character and culture.

The concerts last for 30 to 40 minutes and are held three times a week in three Tbilisi locations:

• City of Tunes – a mini-concert with panoramic view of the city from a hotel terrace. Hotel Nata - Europe Square, Dutu Megreli St. 2.

• Sing and Drink – a mini-concert in a wine bar, which offers its visitors Georgian music with a glass of rare Georgian wine. Wine salon Papa Hemingway - New Tiflis, Aghmashenebeli Ave. 21.

• Homemade Music – concerts held in a Tbilisi “Italian” courtyard, where tourists can learn more about the Georgian traditions of hospitality. Ivan Turgenev Str. 2, Tbilisi Yard.

The project has a social character, as not only professional performers but ordinary Tbilisi residents can participate in it.

Sounds of Georgia aims to popularize traditional Georgian music and develop the tourism and music industries in the country.

Since the start of the project, it has already hosted more than 200 tourists and plans to serve visitors until the end of August.

The head of the project is the founder of the tourist company ‘Linata,’ Nana Tabidze. GEORGIA TODAY spoke to her to find out more.

What is the main aim of your project?

Our goal is to show guests visiting Georgia how interesting and rich Georgian musical heritage is.

Why did you choose such a format for the concerts?

We wanted the project to be maximally close to reality. These are not ordinary concerts which you have to dress up for in concert halls or restaurants, with famous people singing. The people who participate in our project are mostly ordinary Tbilisi residents who sing specifically for tourists in a cozy and family-style atmosphere.


What is the maximum number of visitors that can be hosted each concert?

We invite around 20-25 people to each concert in order to make them feel more comfortable and cozy. We do not intend to increase the number of listeners because we have no special speaker systems, acoustics or stages. This is a live performance for a small audience.


How many performers do you have at present?

We have around 10 musicians. Some of them work for popular folk groups but some are amateurs. We also encourage talented students to join us, as we can help them become popular and earn some money.


Who funded this project?

Unfortunately, no one provides any financial help for this project. But I would like to address City Hall and ask them for help, because if this project succeeds, it will be good for the Georgian tourism industry and culture too.


Are these concerts only held in Tbilisi or in other cities too?

At present, we only run concerts in the capital, but in July we will visit the Black Sea coastal town of Poti as well. We want to popularize that beautiful town - people spending a summer in Kobuleti, Shekvetili and Ureki will be able to come to Poti Park to attend our concerts.


Will the concerts be held throughout the autumn and winter months?

I think so. We intend to develop a plan to adjust the project to the colder season. We will find a way to keep the project going and further develop it.

Additional information:

Instagram: @soundsofgeorgia



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By Thea Morrison

07 June 2018 16:51