Omega Group Opens Symbolic Road in Tbilisi

The Omega Group was founded in 1992 by Zaza Okuashvili, who in 2016, was recognized as “Best Investor” in the business ratings by the Georgian Times and Georgian Opinion Research Business International (“GORBI”). It has over the last quarter of a century established itself as one of Georgia’s most successful business groups. As the Group has expanded, so has its vision. Today it not only plays a major role in the development of the economy, and is Georgia’s largest corporate taxpayer, but it is also a significant contributor to the country’s charitable causes.

“To do something, you believe, you make a plan and trust in it.” - Zaza Okuashvili, founder

To date, Omega Group has generated revenues for the Georgian budget in excess of GEL 1.5 billion. After some complications, Okuashvili took up residence in the UK, where he formed a British partnership and set up a new company, AGT, with overall control of his holdings in Georgia, ownership of which he retained. Combined pressure, including the political intervention of the British Embassy in Tbilisi, led to the physical return of the Omega assets later in 2004.

David Heath, a British friend and business partner to Okuashvili said that without Okuashvili’s resolve and tenacity, the Omega Group would have buckled under pressure that many people would not be able to handle.

“We are moving forward against an uphill struggle, mainly due to the tenacity of Zaza, in some ways many people would have thrown in the towel, but he has not. He never gives up,” Heath said.

On 5 June, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at The Omega Motor City in Tbilisi to open the road which connects multiple high end car retailers such as Bentley, BMW, and Maserati. Zaza Okuashvili cut the ribbon himself alongside British politician Mark Pritchard. Even with the rainy weather, the ceremony and festivities went on as planned.

After the ribbon was cut, British and Georgian business persons walked down the road, joined by a marching band, stilt walkers, jugglers, and unicycle riders as they moved to the stage and tents.

“We know how to build and how to finance; we are not starting from zero. I believe the hardest part of all this is done, it is now passed, we did it successfully and will continue to do it successfully. When we receive a challenge, we work through it: that is our style, our way of life,” Zaza Okuashvili told GEORGIA TODAY.

For Omega Group, this was not simply a ceremony to open a road that connects retailers, but a ceremony that symbolizes the strength and the willpower of people who have the constitution to keep building bridges, believing in everyone around them and supporting everyone around them, cementing a road we can all walk on.

By Shawn Wayne

07 June 2018 16:43