Brasserie Buvette

Brasserie Buvette is an eclectic European restaurant with an atmosphere influenced by the distinguished styles of different countries. Enjoy a mouth-watering lunch or a memorable supper: Brasserie Buvette’s diverse menu is flexible, guaranteeing customers will find something to their taste. Every dish served in the restaurant has its own individuality, with a unique aroma, taste and ingredients. Buvette’s American chef Francesco Manalo, former head chef of New-York’s most prestigious Michelin Star restaurants, is now here in Tbilisi, creating amazing dishes for Brasserie Buvette customers.

Brasserie Buvette’s interior and environment is exeptional, decorated as with quality furniture and accessories. Its standards meet those of high level, fine dining restaurants in Europe and America.

Alongside the great environment, Brasserie Buvette is outstanding in its service.

It owns a unique wine cellar, where it keeps special wine vintages from Georgia, Italy, France and Spain.

Another notable thing about Brasserie Buvette is the regular gastronomic evenings, held several times in a month. Head along to enjoy a special supper based on traditional dishes from different countries, be it Greek, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese cuisine. These wonderful nights are for those who love diversity and enjoy tasting food from different parts of the world.

Brasserie Buvette gives its customers the incredible chance to discover new tastes and fully satisfy their curiousity. Make Brasserie Buvette your regular go-to for culinary innovations and creativity.

07 June 2018 16:41