ICT Cluster Development with Estonia's Help

GIZ is helping Georgia to establish clusters, while its sub-consultant is an ICT cluster group from Estonia

ICT cluster is defined as the geographically proximate group of companies as well as specialized and complementary institutions engaged in the following activities: ICT consultancy, services outsourcing, digital contents, data centres, infrastructure development, software development and sale, hardware and electronics production and distribution, and telecommunications services; which interact creating a business setting in which every player improves its performance, competitiveness and profitability.

ICT clusters aim to build relationships within the ICT community and, hence, develop and foster its profitable and sustainable growth in global markets, creating increased productivity and competitiveness for the cluster and the region.

“The development of the ICT cluster in IT is very important as it creates a foundation for developing small and medium sized businesses and make Georgian companies competitive on an international scale. Cluster is the area of cooperation between several groups and various companies, in which they will be able to deliver the services that they do not have at the same time”, said Georgia’s Deputy Economy Minister Giorgi Cherkezishvili.

The presentation of the ICT cluster project will be held at the European Dialogue on Internet Governance 2018 forum in Tbilisi.

By Shawn Wayne


EuroDIG 2018 in Georgia


06 June 2018 12:41