Tbilisi Metro Closed

The whole metro system is paralyzed in Tbilisi after the drivers and other staff went on strike- and some on hunger strike - on the evening of June 3, as announced a week ago.

The employees demand a 45% salary increase and improved working conditions; however, Tbilisi Mayor, Kakha Kaladze announced that City Hall cannot afford to do so.

“The strike of the metro workers is illegal and targeted against the interests of the population…A rise in salary is only possible if we increase the metro tariffs, abolish social benefits and suspend some infrastructural projects,” the Mayor stressed, adding the City Hall will find a way to resume metro services quickly.

On May 21, Tbilisi City Court made a decision which stated that metro workers could go on strike only during out-of-office hours.

The union of metro workers ‘Unity 2013’ claimed the decision of the court is the equivalent of a restriction of their right to express protest, as the strike itself means workers refusing to perform their duties as a form of protest.

This is the third time Tbilisi City Court has ruled against the metro workers, highlighting that a strike during working hours would paralyze traffic in the capital.

Union 2013 claims they will not obey the “unlawful” decision of the court and the strike will continue until their demands are met.

By Thea Morrison

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04 June 2018 11:12