Saralidze Claims "the System has Declared War"

Zaza Saralidze spoke about the responsibility of the government regarding the murder of his son last December and the susequent court case. He called on the President of Georgia for support.

"I would like to address President Giorgi Margvelashvili and ask him to come out and stand beside us," he told those gathered outside the old Parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue this evening. "Irakli Shotadze has been forced to resign, but they are not punished and will not arrest my son's killers. I will not let go the murder of my son or those who did it. Shota resigned, Subeliani is free, so should we let it go?! Can I leave my son's killers free? The system has declared war. We will destroy the system. I am directly addressing the system behind the justice system of Kvirikshvili's government. Kvirikshvili's government is undermined because they protect that system. All those who resort to this system will resign. The system has protectors. Step away from Kvirikashvili and his government!"

Citizens from all over Tbilisi joined the rally on the main Avenue of the capital. Fans from the rugby stadium are also pouring in. However, the rumors of the actual rugby team joining the protest have been laid to rest by the Rugby Union on Facebook.

“Dear Friends, Dinamo is in a tense match between The Lelos and the French 'Barbarians.' dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the creation of the First Republic of Georgia. At this stage, the score is 11-10 in favor of Georgia. Upon completion of the match, our team will travel to the Pacific Ocean (Fiji) to take part in the Pacific Cup. Please do not make statements on behalf of the Georgian Rugby Union in relation to the rumor of the rugby team joining the rally on Rustaveli. We want to tell the public that we share and are suffering from the tragedy of the families, but we cannot participate in the rally," the statement reads.

The lastest from Rustaveli is that the organizers of the rally decided to pitch tents. As one of the organizers of the protest rally said, "Zaza Saralidze made a decision that he will not stop the rally until the system changes. Consequently, we will be here for at least 24 hours outside Parliament."

Zaza Saralidze, father of teenager Davit Saralidze killed in the Khorava Street stabbing, demands punishment for all persons involved in the murder.


By Shawn Wayne

Image source: IPN


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