PUBLICA: Your Only Co-working Space in the City Center!

Art House - The Place to Meet! A new co-working space has entered the market with this slogan; a place that will meet and exceed your expectations, whether you are an artist or a business sector representative.

Take a break from your office to enjoy delicious and healthy dishes at Art House restaurants, exercise, swim, and then head back to work feeling refreshed!

Publica is a new American lounge-bar where visitors can enjoy a cozy co-working lounge area for free, give a try to yummy menu, homemade lemonades, handcrafted cocktails, and enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi.In the evenings, there are various events, such as live music, jazz nights and educational evenings – known as “Public(A) Talks”.

Art House also unites other venues, such as Brasserie Buvette, Kharcho and Fit Club.

• Brasserie Buvette is the ideal place for lunch and dinner, promising mouthwatering dishes and an inviting ambience.

• Kharcho offers a stunning interior aligned with semi-traditional Georgian cuisine, making it an exceptional place for guests to enjoy the place.

• Additionally, Art House offers a fully equipped gym with dry sauna and rooftop pool for its Fit Club members.

Art House is situated in front of the Houses of Parliament, offering underground parking for up to 250 cars.

And that’s not all! A conference and exhibition room along with a museum is soon to open too!

29 May 2018 17:51