German City to Ban Diesel Cars

Hamburg is to ban old diesel cars and trucks from entering the city from May 31, writes German media outlet Spiegel.

According to the publication, the restriction of the passage of such cars will operate on two sections of the road in the Altona-Nord area where the relevant prohibitory signs are already in place. One 580m street will be forbidden to diesel cars that do not meet Euro-6 emission standards.

The Federal Administrative Court of Germany earlier recognized as lawful local authority prohibition of the admission of diesel cars on the territories of large cities, the aim of which is to combat air pollution.

Following the German court, the Swedish government allowed its own municipalities to decide on a ban on the entry of diesel cars into city centers. "Softened" rules are expected to take effect in Sweden in less than two years, becoming more stringent by 2022.

In addition, because of "dieselgate," the EU has tightened environmental tests for cars.

One hopes that Tbilisi City Hall might look to the same with its own “yellow” buses. The increasing trend of citizens posting videos of city buses spewing out black fumes is on the rise- demonstrating the people’s demand for a cleaner capital in Georgia.

By Dimitri Dolaberidze

28 May 2018 10:03