Bassiani Reopens with a Party

Popular Tbilisi nightclub Bassiani was allowed by police to reopen on Wednesday after being forcibly closed during an investigation following drug-related raids in the early morning hours of May 12. 

This Sunday Bassiani plans to reopen with a party. They released the following statement:

"After 10 days, since May 12 'Black Friday' events, Georgian Police chose to open sealed clubs and now all our clubs are finally open. However, for us the open door does not mean simply opening the door of any night club, it means opening our doors to wider public groups, for all the people who are ready to stand together against common challenges and problems. History has repeatedly proven to us that victory is only achieved through joint efforts for social goals and a better future. The Tbilisi electronic music scene has displayed an unprecedented level of solidarity and unity and once again has proven that along with people, it stands at the vanguard of social changes, fighting for justice, equality and freedom.

"May 27 is a symbolic date, as the entire Berlin club scene (about 70 night clubs) is going to hold massive rallies and raves in Germany. We join our German friends with local spirit and the representatives of Georgian electronic music scene, clubs, festivals, artists, labels and musical projects will stand together and continue to fight against unequal environment!

"Today dance is a political act; the Tbilisi rave rally is the manifestation of the unity of clubs and the wider public! The BASSIANI / HOROOM / SPACEHALL doors are open for all! We stand together, we dance together, we fight together, we win together!"

The Georgian club initiative has been joined by global online music platform BOILER ROOM and the Tbilisi rally will be broadcasted via live stream."

For more details of Sunday events at Bassiani, Horoom, and Spacehall, see their Facebook event.

By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: BASSIANI Facebook

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