Levan Gorgadze Makes History

Georgian sumo wrestler Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi, born Levan Gorgadze, made history on May 24 when he defeated sumo legend Hakuho Sho, to whom he’s lost all his previous bouts.

Gogadze has already won 12 fights from a total of 14, and is on his way to win the sumo championship.  After the championship he will most likely upgrade his current title. Gorgadze claimed the champion’s title of the Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament previously this year in January, becoming the first ever Georgian athlete to win the Emperor’s Cup.

The significance of the victory was underlined by Georgian Prime Minister and President. 

Gorgadze has competed in 71 professional sumo tournaments since his debut in 2006, and has won three Juryo Division Championships and two Makushita Division Championships; he has also racked up nine special prizes, five for Fighting Spirit, two for Technique, and two for Outstanding Performance, as well as two kinboshi or gold stars for defeating Yokozuna.

By Shawn Wayne

Photo by 1TV

24 May 2018 21:41