Berlin Clubs Rally Against AFD

Tbilisi and Berlin are connected through their thriving techno scenes. Both places rank among the hotspot for quirkiness and unorthodoxy when it comes to exposing young people subwoofers blasting out tunes at ear-damaging volumes.

This connection also functions as a mouthpiece for alternative and progressive ideologies such as LGBTQ+ equality and drug liberalization laws. The protests against the police raid in Tbilisi last week saw a vast support from the Berlin clubbing scene.

Over 70 clubs in Berlin now decided to do something against the rising xenophobia, which grapples the country since the arrival of over a million refugees in Germany. Although the country has never been so strong economically (65 billion euros of taxes more than expected will the German government collect over the next years), the far-right, nationalist party AFD decided to organize a manifestation coming Sunday, May 27.

In addition to a counter-demonstration by the opposition and the general public, the plans brought the clubs together to support the anti-nationalist rally under the theme “AFD wegbassen (Bass Away AFD) – Reclaim Club Culture against Nazis”.

In a statement, the clubs call for unity and reiterate how the club scene is the exact opposite of everything Nazis represent. However, some voices also criticize the protests hoping that the club culture can stay out of politics. On May 27, we will see how strong the support will really be.

By Benjamin Music

Photo: Berlin-Enjoy

23 May 2018 00:42