Journalist Inga Grigolia Seeks Police Protection against Stalker

Georgian journalist Inga Grigolia has reiterated her request to receive police protection after being repeatedly threatened by a stalker since 2011, which, she claims, poses a danger to her wellbeing. When entering the Tbilisi Police Divison last week, she made her case by announcing her intention to resort to self-defense if the police fail to protect her.

“If no charges are filed against the person in question, I will have to take measures to protect myself,” she told reports before entering the police department.

According to Grigolia, a man has gathered information about her and her family and friends over years. In addition, he repeatedly calls her demanding money. She went on to say that if the police won’t take up their duty to protect her, she would start carrying a weapon.

By Benjamin Music

21 May 2018 11:34
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