Interior Minister: We Will Act against Fascist Groups

Georgia’s Vice-Premier and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Gakharia says the law enforcement agencies will act against the neo-fascist groups within the law.

Gakharia says that the existing legislation is not perfect with this regard but added the state has enough mechanisms to prevent any fascist expressions in the country.

“Security and stability are very important for our country…When we see that there is an excessive expression of freedom and calls for violence, we act,” Gakharia stated.

He added that investigation has been launched into several cases when neo-fascist groups called for violence during May 12-13 rallies of youth and NGOs, who were protesting against police raids in nightclubs and existing drug policy.

“We do not want such forms of expression that creates some risks. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will not step back,” he claimed.

Fascist group Georgian National Unity became very active during May 12-13 rallies in Tbilisi. They called on the people to attack peaceful demonstrators, who were expressing their views regarding the drug policy.

The MIA mobilized riot police in the central streets and prevented any possible confrontation. Some members of the fascist group were arrested.

Moreover, Georgia’s State Security Service warned the National Unity not to use fascist symbols in the future, otherwise they will be fines.

Totalitarian communist and fascist symbols are banned at the legislative level in Georgia. The Liberty Charter, adopted in 2011, bans public display of Soviet and Nazi symbols and envisages 1000Gel fine in case of violations.

Georgia’s Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze stated a week ago that the existence of fascist groups in the country is not acceptable for the government.

“The existence of fascist groups in the country is unacceptable for me and of course for the whole government. We will always fight against these groups in Georgia,” Janelidze stated.

By Thea Morrison

Photo: Fascist group Georgia’s National Unity

Source: Netgazeti



21 May 2018 10:23