Movie Produced in Georgia Features British Star-Actress

Georgian landscapes have been capturing the attention of the Western movie industry for a while, with shots of the mesmerizing mountain ranges and green highlands inspiring even Bollywood, which already made its way into Georgia to profit from the diverse picturesque settings.

Now Rudolph Herzog, notoriously known for directing satirical features overemphasizing the flaws of society, decided to use Georgia for this a new feature “How to Sell a War”, which deals with the personal use of war propaganda for shady and corrupt politicians.

In an interview with BBC, he stated his love for the country as one reason to choose it for the movie. After his production team suggested Georgia, it was a quick decision to shoot the movie in areas close to Tbilisi. The movie is interesting as Georgia herself undergoes a constant propaganda war with Russian media, which tries to distort the reality of the occupation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Katherine Parkinson, the winner of a BAFTA award, plays the main character Kate, who in the film travels to an imaginary country devastated by war to stop the war as its continuation benefits politicians outside the war-torn state in their political career ambitions.

By Benjamin Music 

Photo: BT TV


19 May 2018 12:28
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