Ecological, Healthy Living with 'SEU Development'

We are a quality ori­en­ted company and spend a lot of time on building materials to ensure comfort and a healthy living environment. This is our priority. Today, the construction market is very active and this is primarily positively reflected on apartment purchases. The new regulations and additional state monitoring systems will further contribute to the development of this business. And many of the topics that depend only on the well-being of the developer will be regulated according to relevant regulations. Working to our good conscience and justifying customer trust is the basic value of our company.

In 2013, we saw educational and infrastructural projects introduce, and we invested more than $20 million in this direction. The general construction experience and team professionalism in 2014 lead to our decision to develop in a new direction. We started the first residential project - "Green Yard". Today, people don’t just want an apartment; they want flexible infrastructure, a healthy environment, calm and fresh air. Therefore, we selected an area in the central part of the city in a calm and ecologically clean environment on Politkovskaya Street, N32.

The total area of the project is 25,000 square meters and the recreational area is up to 1500 square meters. The complex includes a children's playground, a 24-hour fitness center, lobby, commercial and office zones, and a four-story underground and above-ground car park. We left untouched the surrounding greenery which we found in the area of the project.

Since all of our construction was financed as soon as we started, we have a guarantee that the project will be completed without delay.

In general, 2017 was a year of great challenges for 'SEU Development'. In May, we started selling Green Yard and sold all available apartments in around four months. In November, thanks to the sales, we gained our first international recognition in a successful sales nomination at the East European Real Estate Forum - EEA Real Estate Forum & Project awards in Ukraine.

This award is very important for us. If we take into consideration the prestige of this forum and the number of participating development companies, this recognition adds double responsibility. In 2017, we made the decision to launch a second project near "Green Yard", as the infrastructure is developed in this district and there is also a new metro station. The area boasts schools, playgrounds, an indoor public pool and several higher educational institutions. The new complex will be located at Jikia 7 and will be divided into five, eight and twelve-storey buildings. It will also have commercial and office spaces; a recreation zone and a children's playground.

Sales opened late December and 52% of the apartments were sold within a month.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a stable income on the purchase of their apartment. In the process of purchasing the apartment, one of the crucial topics is about payment for the buyer. We are continuously working on development of it.

2018 will be full of activities. In the near future, we will begin one of our most ambitious and important projects, which will be located in old Tbilisi across one hectare of land. This project is the result of careful planning by one of the best experts in the field. In around a year, we will present a premium class mixed-use residential complex which includes: housing, a premium class 4-5 star hotel, as well as commercial spaces and an office center. This project is going to be our company’s business card.

'SEU Development' has the goal to create such projects which will be valuable for the city and define its development.

17 May 2018 21:31