New Post Platform To Support Businesses in Georgia

A new technology gadget arrives in Georgia as the Georgia Post officially announced the set up of an electronic platform to facilitate the sending of products within Georgia and abroad.

Georgian Post will be responsible for the entire delivery service and the technical support of the platform. The platform allows small and medium-sized businesses to order and sell products more conveniently to save time for other business operations.

Called "Georgian Product to the World", the name highlights the idea to spur the mailing of products beyond Georgian borders. Georgian Post hopes to strengthen the e-commerce industry of Georgia.

Also the Georgian Minister of Economy is looking forward to the new platform as it will generate new jobs for companies exporting products to other countries. The operations of small entrepreneurs dealing with a lot of mailing tasks will become much more efficient and they can focus on expanding their business into other areas.

According to a spokesman of Georgian Post, numerous large and small corporations in Georgia have already voiced their interest in joining the new commerce platform.

By Benjamin Music


17 May 2018 13:39