Health Ministry Participates in Drug Policy Talks

Drug experts from the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Affairs of Georgia have joined the Internal Affairs Ministry (MIA) to support the drafting of a new drug policy. In light of the protests on the weekend and the police raid of thriving nightclubs Bassiani and Café Gallery, demonstrators demanded a more humane drug policy.

From Monday, representatives of the NGO White Noise Movement, the main mouthpiece of drug liberalization efforts, have been meeting with officials of the MiIA to discuss their demands. The participation of the health ministry marks a new point as experts evaluate the potential risks as well as side effects, which may ultimately even improve the overall health condition of drug users. The community often demands the legalization of mariujana for medicinal purposes.

"We will talk about this together with the officials of the MIA and the representatives of White Noise. We will be involved and have been involved with our expertise in the past. We will discuss and decide within the competencies of our Ministry," Zaza Bokhua, Deputy Minister of Labor, Health, and Social Affairs, told the public in a statement announcing their participation.

White Noise Movement announced their deteminiation to organize new rallies if the meetings fail to be fruitful.

By Benjamin Music

Photo: Interpress

17 May 2018 13:14