When Will Bassiani &Cafe' Gallery Light up the Night Again?

Both Bassiani and Café Gallery have been closed and sealed off since the raids that took place on May 12. The representatives of the clubs state that they are unsure when people will be allowed back, due to MIA employees still present at both venues.

One of the representatives of Bassiani night club, Zviad Gelbakhiani, said the meeting with Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia was appointed for May 15, after which a reopening date might become clear.

“At this stage, we do not have any official information about the date that we will be able to resume working.  At this stage, the club is sealed and no one is allowed inside. We are all stressed, especially the people who were supporting us. However, as I see, they have the motivation to fight and I suppose that after some time more and more people will join us and we will have more supporters than before,” stated Gelbakhiani.

We are now waiting for confirmation on the exact date.




As for Café Gallery, lawyer Khatuna Khurtsilava is to address the Interior Minister, Chief Prosecutor and Public Defender about opening Café Gallery during the day.

“The club is sealed and we are not allowed to enter the space. I am preparing a letter for the Public Defender, Interior Minister and Chief Prosecutor. Moreover, I am negotiating with the Prosecutor and he is waiting for the higher command,” stated the lawyer.




International media frequently refers to Bassiani as the "New Berghain." The club is located underground, in a former swimming pool and is recognized as one of the top international clubs, hosting various international and local artists of the techno scene.



Café Gallery was one of the first clubs of its type in Tbilisi. It is located on Rustaveli Avenue in an old building, which also incorporates a café with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Both venues are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.


By Shawn Wayne

Photos by W Magazine, Bassiani Facebook, trip advisor


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