Ultra-Nationalist Georgian March Holds Protest Rally

The far-right group Georgian March held a protest rally this afternoon, protesting the rectent developments in the capital and calling for harsh punishment for drug dealers.

The protesters gathered at the Tbilisi Concert Hall (Philharmony)at 6 PM and started a march towards the old parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue.

Sandro Bregadze, the leader of the Georgian March, says that they will never put up with the “liberals, LGBT and Sodom sinners” in the country.

“The dictatorship of liberalists should be finished in Georgia and our country should start development in line with national values,” Bregadze stated.

Giorgi Gabedava, member of the nationalist group, says the capital is "full of drug-dealers and addicts."

“We do not want so many drug-addicts in the capital. We demand a strict drug policy. Dealers and the people who control this system and bring a large amount of drugs into the country must be arrested,” he stated.

Georgian March also claims they will not let the LGBT community and their supporters hold a protest rally on May 17, the International Day against the Homophobia.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: Katie Ruth Davies

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