Protesters End Rally, Give Gov’t One Week to Discuss New Drug Policy

Protesters gathered at the old building of parliament, demanding a liberal drug policy, announced an end to their rally until Saturday, giving the government to start working on the new drug policy, which will be focused on care and not punishment of drug-addicts.

The demonstrators made the decision after the organizers met the Interior Minister, Giorgi Gakharia, who promised the protesters that the government would start working on the drug policy from Monday.

"I would like to apologoize if anyone's rights were abused or freedoms restricted. You have been protesting here for two days and no one prevented you from this. Tomorrow, at 10 am, I will have another meeting with your representatives to discuss the acute issues...I promise you that we will reach an agreement on the drug policy," he stated.

The organizers of the rally claim that if their demands are not met, they will resume rallies from Saturday.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: Benjamin Music

Video source: RFE/RL

14 May 2018 00:15